Privacy Statement


Experience the Iron Age

Contact Details for Matthew Russell

Address 12 Donaldson Rd. PO6 2SZ

Phone   02392 421826 or 07980 007897

As a provider of educational activities to schools and other organisations Experience the Iron Age has to hold a minimal amount of Information on its current and potential clients.

This consists of basic contact details such as the name of the school or organisation, address, phone number and also the number of children/classes to be taught.

No further information is required to make a booking or at any point after.

This information is stored in two places. On my laptop, electronically within the software that runs it and also in my A4 diary where notes are made to enable accurate and professional provision of the services I provide.

The laptop is secured with the relevant software to prevent data theft whilst online and my diary is kept at home or on my person at all time when out on business.

At no time is any information shared with any other organisations or people. It is used purely to contact current and potential customers for future bookings and to organise the details of bookings once contact has been made and a date decided upon.

If you wish to have your details removed after being contacted by Experience the Iron Age please email me with details of how I have contacted you. I will endeavour to resolve any requests within 5 working days.